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Reload N Pay® is your best buddy for day to day. Make your purchases in any establishment where they accept conventional credit or debit cards, supermarkets, fashion stores, pharmacies, gas stations, cinemas, restaurants, etc ... Reload N Pay® is accepted throughout the MasterCard® network within and outside of Spain.


Immediate disposition of your money in more than 34 million ATMs around the world, without having to worry about currency exchange. You can even take it on a trip and recharge it in the local currency in any country where we have a presence. You can consult our map with all the points of sale and recharge available in your region.


Whatever your way of playing, on online platforms, or in casinos, bingos or betting rooms; Reload N Pay® card allows you to enjoy without having to worry about spending control, you will only spend the amount you want to reload on your card. Accepted in the vast majority of physical and online establishments.


With Reload N Pay®  you can buy your tickets for all the trips you want to make. Control your travel budget by recharging the card only with the amount you are going to spend, with the security of having your money wherever you go with all the security offered by not carrying cash and also without worrying about currency exchange.


Pay your taxes and utility bills quickly and safely, save time and always keep up to date with your payments avoiding delays and long lines. Today, all the major water, electricity, gas and telephone service companies are among the most basic services; They allow you to manage your payments online. With Reload N Pay® you can keep up to date with your payments from the comfort of your home.


With Reload N Pay® card you will not get the wrong gift. It is perfect to give to whoever you want most with the amount you want. The person who receives it will be able to enjoy all its advantages without any type of identification. It is also a solution to give to that person who is far away, since they can receive their Reload N Pay® gift card at home.


Teach them to control their daily expenses and manage money. You will be able to check the movements of your children when they are studying abroad or camping and you can reload the card whenever you want. They will not run out of money, nor will they spend more than you decide. In addition to being safer for them and for you by not having to carry cash. A great solution to control your payments and expenses.

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With Reload N Pay® you only spend what you need and you don't have to worry about anything else.


You can obtain the Reload N Pay® card at any of our points of sale such as kiosks, gas stations, supermarkets, call centers and other authorized points of sale throughout the national territory or by requesting it through our website.


Activate your card by providing the necessary data through our mobile application or online web. You will obtain all the necessary instructions for its activation by clicking on the following link.


Recarga tu tarjeta con el saldo que quieras. Puedes recargar saldo comprando códigos de recarga en nuestros puntos de venta autorizados, por transferencia, por tarjeta bancaria o enviando el saldo de otra tarjeta Reload N Pay®

People Cards

Reload N Pay Personal

Es una tarjeta diseñada para ti. Para poder hacer llegar dinero al instante a cualquier persona en cualquier parte del mundo o que te lo hagan llegar. Para comunicar saldo entre tarjetas  Reload and Pay al instante. Para poder elegir libremente qué pagas o no, sin ser esclavo de tu banco. Tu priorizas tus pagos sin dar explicaciones. Para pagar online todo lo que quieras con la máxima seguridad. La mejor solución de medio de pago con la máxima libertad y los límites más altos existentes en el mundo.

Reload N Pay Regalo

It is your GIFT card. Preloaded and with the ease that it can be used in any physical or online store in the world. From 10 to 250 € / 350 USD. You have the sophistication in your hand to make the best gift at your commitments, weddings, events, clients, employees, etc., or for yourself! The instant you need it, you buy it and in one step it is activated and you can use it. Everything you can think of you have in a single click without any identification necessary.

Reload N Pay Estudiantes

Card designed for the youngest. Adjustable limits to the need of your child, family friend, to make life easier for those who are far away. For those who "fly from the nest" and start to have their autonomy without compromising the bank details of their elders. The safest and most discreet solution for students.

Reload N Pay Premium

The card for the most demanding comes your REAL PHYSICAL GOLD card. No load limit, with the highest security on the market. Customizable in the limits of use, payment or income. Without linking to your bank account and with the highest prestige that may exist in the industry. It is the maximum exponent of the distinction collected in a means of payment with multiple advantages at your fingertips.

Reload N Pay Virtual

All the advantages of a personal card without the need for physical support. You carry all the elements on your mobile or simply under our support. Ideal for your online purchases, or withdraw from NFC / ContactLess ATMs, just by drawing your mobile. Safe, and with the highest charging and usage limits on the market. Get it and activate it simply and quickly and be ….. free!

More solutions

App Reload N Pay

The best way for you to be connected always and with all the usabilities you need within reach of your mobile. You will have all the possibilities of collection, payment, transfer, shipping, etc., in your own hand.


La novedosa, única y más fiable solución de recarga de la tarjeta  Reload and Pay. Con él podrás recargar en milisegundos cualquier tarjeta en cualquier parte del mundo en la que estés o esté el destinatario al que envíes el cupón que acabes de comprar. Tan fácil como comprarlo con cash en cualquiera de nuestros puntos de venta físicos y ya es tuyo. Tendrás ese dinero instantáneo que necesitas donde necesitas, instantáneamente.


Una solución única para resolver todas las necesidades que puedas tener. Con processing propio y más de 23 tipos de eWallet´s desarrollados, tendrás a tu medida la solución para cobrar desde tu móvil, Tablet, o dispositivo que necesites, procesarlo en cualquier divisa cotizada y, ¡evacuarlo a tu Reload N Pay, a la de un tercero, a tu cuenta bancaria o a la cuenta de un tercero! Todo en un proceso instantáneo.

Collection system

Having one of our eWallets installed, we can give you the means of payment either from the mobile directly or with our adaptable devices to your mobile to read the card of your clients and be able to charge them in the most comfortable and simple way.

Payment gateway

Our payment gateway or Virtual POS, is our device and technology created to help you in the commercial management tasks of retail and collection, both online and physical. This device provides the telematic payment service to your clients through the Internet helping you to grow and be more efficient in your day to day.



Cost reduction

  • Streamlines administration and lowers payroll costs by significantly reducing management time by replacing paper distribution with a card-based system.
  • Reduce the cost of validation with the payroll disbursement / payment account.
  • Reduces the cost of paper production and replaces international checks and shipments.
  • It reduces the cost of special disbursements, such as checks or bonuses at the end of the month, in an agile and more efficient and controllable way than with a traditional bank.

Easy and smooth implementation

  •  RELOAD AND PAY® apoya la implementación del programa con materiales promocionales e instructivos, en múltiples idiomas, que te ayudan a notificar, inscribir y formar a tus empleados en numerosas actividades.
  • RELOAD AND PAY® te ayuda a administrar tu programa de tarjeta de nómina mediante el registro de empleados, la generación de PIN, la distribución de tarjetas y la asistencia continua al cliente y muchos más servicios, como seguros a los empleados de viaje y personales, etc., todo en una misma solución con inmensas coberturas.

Your customers gain secure access to the online cardholder customer interface to:

  • Request a card.
  • Activate card.
  • View card balance and transaction statements.
  • Option to load from card to card.
  • Have assistance through 24/7 customer service.


Gain in Operational Efficiency

  • Simplifies payroll submission for all categories of employees, including unbanked, contract, temporary, youth, part-time, or those who are expatriates or remotely located.
  • Increase employee productivity by eliminating time-consuming, commuting trips outside of the workplace to make cash payments.
  • Receive instant online management reports in a really friendly and simple environment.

Improve employee comfort, safety and control

  • Immediate employee access to your payroll funds on the same payday, no need to have a bank account or wait for traditional bank transfers to be made.
  • Purchases up to the card limit are available at more than 34 million Mastercard®-friendly merchants worldwide.
  • Employees can access cash all the millions of ATMs that accept Mastercard® in the world.
  • Online returns help employees verify and manage their expenses and manage their finances.
  • 24-hour customer service for any circumstance anytime, anywhere.

Cuando se trata de administrar eficazmente su cuenta corporativa, nosotros sabemos que necesitas una herramienta de administración flexible y fácil de usar. Por lo tanto, te ofrecemos el Back Office corporativo  RELOAD AND PAY®, un sistema integral que le permite iniciar y administrar su programa de servicios de tarjetas desde cualquier lugar, allí donde te encuentres.




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